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quite a few questions

I'm currently a student in Poland and i'm really hoping to visit Russia, do any of you know if it'd be possible for me to get a visa at the Russian Consulate in Warsaw? On most sites i notice there is a different form for US citizens and i'm not sure if they'll have it available in Warsaw. As well, with this visa my passport has quite a few stamps on it (mainly from leaving poland for germany or czech rep) and getting another polish stamp. Is it possible for your passport to fill up mid travel and they not accept it? (that question has nothing to do with eastern europe, but i hope someone will be able to answer it). As well at the beginning of summer i'm planning on going down to Serbia and Slovenia and i'm having a rough time finding an affordable way to get there. Are there any pass systems set up in these countries (in connection with Poland, Hungary or Slovakia?).
Thanks in advance for the help.

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I don't know about the visa at the Russian Consulate but I've read on this message board or another one that when your passport is full you can go to your home countries Embassy and get pages added to it, at least the US Embassy that is!

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Russia is a fascinating country, but probably the only country in Europe I would definately recommend using a travel agency to visit. Why? Visits to Russia require sifting through much red-tape. Rather than trying to make sense of all the requirements for entry and exit(I won't list them all here), a travel agent familiar with Russian regulations is probably your best option. Good luck!