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Question regarding the cheap airline companies

While looking for flights I noticed that all these " cheap" companies ( Ryan Air, Eegean and others) has a red alert that says last 2 seats at this price. Is this for real or are they like the american companies that the prices vary day by day? I mean, if I look in two weeks from now is there any probabilities of better prices? or the chances are that they prices will go up. I am trying to finalize the last details of my trip and the retuning day still on the air. I am afraid the prices will go even higher. I am traveling in the end of April , returning some where in mid May.

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Fares at the discount airlines go up almost everyday as the plane fills's done automatically. If a school group of twenty students books tickets at once the fare could double or triple instantly. Occasionally they do have a sale if the plane doesn't fill up as expected, but you shouldn't count on it. If you wait long enough (a couple of weeks before departure), the fares are often higher than the national carriers. If you know when you will be traveling, book tickets ASAP and read the fine print.

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And read the fine print - again and again. These airlines made a lot of money off of the extra fees for check in, checked luggage, over weight luggage, etc. etc. Also be sure you know the exact airport that they are using.

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Aegean is one of the best European airlines. They do release more tickets as time passes. A month ago there were no mid-day tickets available on the exact travel date I wanted, but I kept an eye out on their website and 2 weeks later there they were, and at their best 'saver' fare, too. So keep the faith as long as you can and maybe you'll get lucky too.

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In the spring/summer of 2009 I kept watching the routes I wanted on EasyJet. I kept waiting and they kept getting higher. One night I went to bed and I'd book in the morning and it went up overnight! I finally just booked them. They were very cheap anyway, so I'm not sure why I kept waiting!

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We flew Easy Jet a while back - one thing to watch is that many of the low cost airlines have stricter baggage rules than the larger carriers - especially strict on hand baggage! I think we were allowed one carry on bag that was no more than 11 lbs - we ended up stuffing more things into our checked baggage to meet the hand baggage allowance. Not a problem if you know in advance...but could be a pain if you're unaware like we were.