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Problems with rug purchased in Istanbul, Turkey. Need heap

We were mislead on buying a rug in Istanbul, Turkey by Mevlana Rug House. The owner, Mehmet Polat, offered to give us our money back, sent his cousin to look at the rug. The 'cousin' said there was a mistake and immediately called his cousin at 2 or 3 AM Turkey time and told him that we had the wrong rug which was falling apart. Mr. Polat did not give us our money back and our credit card company was forced to let the sale go through. QUESTION: Is there some Turkish agency, that governs these dealers? Who in the Turkish government can I complain to? Any help would be appreciated. You can email me at: Thank you

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I seriously doubt it will end satisfactorily for you, but you can try here for advice: National Tourism Organization for Turkey USA - LOS ANGELES 5055 Wilshire Boulevard Suite 850 Los Angeles CA 90036 / USA
Tel: 323 937 8066 - 323 937 49 61 Fax: 323 937 12 71 Good Luck!

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Also, some credit cards provide 90 day purchase protection up to a certain limit. e.g. $300 for Amex Blue. Not much, but you could recoup some of your loss.

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Hi, Being a Turkish citizen, but nothing to do with rugs, I was sorry and upset to read about your situation, nevertheless. I asked around, and one person in the rug business suggested contacting the president of the Association for Rug Exporters of Turkey (IHIB), Mr Ibrahim Yilmaz. Here is his email: ?brahim Yilmaz Hope it helps Emre Ors
Istanbul, Turkey