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Private "Engineers" tour of Istanbul

My best friend and I are planning a trip to Istanbul. He is a Civil Engineer, has studied and loves the history of the city, and this is a dream trip for him. He would thoroughly enjoy a tour of the city to totally "geek out" as he puts it, to talk with someone about aquaducts, etc. etc. (whatever it is engineers talk about! :) He speaks English. Is there such a thing available? If so, could you please share some resources? Thank you!!!

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Angela, perhaps if you or your friend contacted the University of Istanbul someone could offer advice or even the name of an engineering professor who could help you.

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Another option might be for your friend to contact his professional association and see if they have an affiliate in Istanbul.

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I am a Civil Engineer who spent 9 days total in Istanbul in May and June of this year. Yes, lots of neat things to see.
I did not search out a guide but two other posts offer good ideas. If you can get RS Istanbul guide book, it has lots of great information that I used when I traveled there. Also, the co-authors of that guide book own a travel agency in Istanbul that provided our RS Turkey Tour with a guide who lives in Istanbul. You might want to check with them also so see if they have any suggestions or help. If the new rules on this web site remove that web site you can either send me a private message or call the RS Headquarters in Edmonds, WA. Happy travels