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Private guides in Warsaw/Krakow?

We will be visiting both Warsaw and Krakow this summer. Any recommendations for private tourguides in these cities?

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Don't know about Warsaw, however, Krakow is small and compact enough that I don't think you will need one. When you go to the concentration camps and salt mines, those are outside of the city proper, and there are bus tours to both places--about a day each. We did pick up a guide for the castle, and he basically guided for the tips. Which reminds me--be sure to tip the guide at Auschwitz-our group guide was terrific. Also, Auschwitz is not recommended for pre-teens.

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My family loved Krakow. We were just there a few days and missed going to the salt mines but I'll be back to Poland. Great country. I think the Rick Steve's Eastern Europe guide listed a private tour guide for Krakow. Be sure to get to the old Jewish quarter and spend lots of time wandering around and hanging out in the square - my son loved playing in the head (not sure what the hollow head symbolizes - but every time he saw it he shouted "hooray for the fall of communism" - he's 10). Loved the castle. We took a car from Prague to Krakow and stopped on the way to Auschwitz (just stopped at Auschwitz not Birkenau) ... while I don't "regret" stopping I am not certain I would make a special trip out of Krakow. Also, I can;t say it is appropriate for kids - my kid was fine - he didn't go in every barrack and see every exhibit. He had previously been to other WWII sites (Omaha Beach and American Cemetery, Anne Frank's House and the Resistance Museum) and he understood what he was seeing and acted appropriately.

Are you going to Prague? We had a great private tour guide that I found through here (and TripAdvisor) names Martin ... email:

We were only in Warsaw one day - I here the resistance museum there is great. Really enjoyed Poland - I loved all the homes with flower boxes, my husband thought all the Polish women were pretty, son loved the pizza. Good cheap beer. Have fun!