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private drive/guides in Croatia

I have located the names of many different individuals that you can hire to drive/guide in Croatia from this website and rick steves book on the area. my question is on top of the fee (250 euros to Mostar, Bay Kotor) do you also tip and how much appropriate if you do?

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appreciate your reply, thought no one was going to reply! i figured with tour company tips needed/expected but individual was not sure.

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We use private tour guides quite often when we travel, and we always tip if the service is particularly. If you are hiring the private tour guide through a company, I would tip a bit higher (10-15%) as they are likely getting paid very little directly from the company. If you are hiring an individual, I wouldn't tip more than 10%. Note that the standard for tipping in Europe on anything is much lower than in the U.S. Rick always gives really good guidance in his books on standard tipping amounts, so you may want to take a look at those guidelines as well.