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Prague Weather Early March

We'll be in Prague in the first 2 weeks of March. What weather should we expect? Snow? Temperature?

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Yes, you can expect snow, rain or even nice and sunny. Could be cold even freezing but if you are lucky it can be sunny and relatively warm (60st.F) I am probably not too helpful but that's the weather there in March. If you want to know the safest will be to google the weather just before you go.

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I've been there in March and the weather can change by the minute. It helps to look at the weather reports just before leaving to get an idea of what's going to happen for the first few days you are there. Coming from relatively warm San Diego to an icy cold Prague can be a shock to the system. Don't be surprised if it feels colder to you than what it actually is at first. My suggestion is to layer your clothes....warm coat, sweater, shirt, then a base layer skiing type thermal. Wear a hat, scarf, and gloves or you may end up buying them at one of the many souvenier shops.

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Debbie: You're a breath of fresh air! Finally someone is NOT writing in here and blithely reassuring an inquiring traveler that the weather in central or northern Europe in Feb or March will be "just fine, no problem." Thank you.

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I agree - I haven't been to Prague in March but have visited Amsterdam, Paris, and London in March/early April - the weather was very much like Chicago. Cloudy, overcast, and often rain. BUT...there were few tourists, you got more for your money, and I felt I got a true impression of these places regarding their culture, etc. I would go. Besides, you don't go to any of these places for the beach. I think it would be a great time!

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i was there some years ago , if you get the east wind it freezing, but when the sun came out it was great.
Bring a wind proof jacket that is also wather proof, layering and a something for your ears to cover

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My experience in April in Prague was that the weather can change by the day. Although the temperature was pleasant (my definition, probably not shared by someone from San Diego), it was never really warm.