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Prague Train Station questions

Hi. I've read about the problems getting a taxi at the Prague train station, about the rip-offs. I've found some info about Fair-Place taxi stands in the city, that are supposed to be staffed by the more reputable taxi companies (I'm surprised Rick's recent Prague book doesn't mention them). In fact, Google maps even shows where many of the stops are, but naturally there is not one at the train station. I see one on Wenceslas Square, that doesn't seem to be too far away? Since we're coming by DB Express bus from Nurnberg, where will it let us off? Right in front of the station, or across the street in the parking lot? We should probably go inside the station first to find an ATM to get some Crowns, and then head out and look for a taxi. How does one get across Wilsonova street? I don't see any markings on the street using Google street view. Is there an understreet crossing? I know Rick recommends crossing the park to Hotel Chopin to get a taxi, but I can't see how to get into the park. Or we could call for a taxi from TouristPoint. Just trying to get all my options, so appreciate your opinions and knowledge, thanks.

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Hi, Stewart. We were in Prague this May. I can recommend AAA Taxi. It is one that publishes their rates and they were extremely helpful to us. I arranged for the taxi online via their website. They picked us up outside our apartment and took us to the Prague train station. I think you can probably specify in your online taxi request that you will be arriving on the DB Express bus from Nuremburg and that AAA will know where it lets you off.

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The train lets you off on the side of the station where the park is. At least it did when we took the bus.

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Yes, use AAA Taxis even when the other taxi drivers put up a fuss. Which is what they did to us. Always ask the taxi driver in advance the price of the trip.

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Bus arrives at the level of old station. Enter the building and walk the steps downstairs and you will be at the present main train station. Usually you dont have to do it because there are few cabs waiting for the bus. Those are OK. Dont use those at the level of current Main Station. Those are mafia.

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it should drop you off on the park's side. for some reason i didn't find the atm last time so i crossed street and found an atm within a couple of blocks to get money and back to the train station to get a subway ride. never used taxi in prague but heard there are the good ones, and then there are the mafia run ones.