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Prague Tour Guide

Any personal recommends for tour guide in Prague for first time visitors? Thx!

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Hi Susan, I was happy with Sandemans Free Walking Tour for an overview of Prague. They meet frequently in the main square in Old Town by the Starbucks. The have about a 3 hour walking tour that covers what I think are the most important aspects of the area. They are also available in a few other European cities. They work for tips and they also have other tours available for cost.

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I second the thumbs up on the Sandeman's free walking tour. We did it last May when my Aunt & her friend traveled with my Czech citizen husband & I to Prague. I've stayed in Prague 11 times but we never did this before and glad my Aunt really wanted to. It was very informative and entertaining. And you only pay at the end what you want. My husband was so happy with the tour, he did something very un-Czech and gave the guide a big tip!