Prague to Wittenberg

Going to Prague in July with some friends, we want to go to Wittenberg for a day trip. Rail will take too long, so we thought about renting a car to drive there. Some of them seem uneasy about renting a car, they brought up the suggestion of a bus trip or a driver. Anyone have any suggestions or information? Thanks!!

Posted by Nestor
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For a 1 day trip driving would give you the most time in Wittenberg but it still is 3 1/2 hours drive if you don't stop to rest. We drove through Europe for 2 weeks last summer and did fine (have yet to receive any tickets through the mail). Our decision was based on the price of 4 rail tickets versus the cost of renting a car and the flexibility it gave us. Consider the cost of the rental for 1 day, CDW, GPS(if needed), parking fee and fuel (Google estimates about $50) to see if it's worth it. Trains might give you peace of mind and less worries. Have fun!

Posted by Fred
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Hi, If you were to go by train, I would suggest breaking up the trip by staying one night in Berlin. Take the Prague-Berlin Hbf direct, ca. 4+ hrs., the next morning take Berlin Hbf. to Lutherstadt Wittenberg on the ICE direct. It's a lot less hectic than doing it all in one day with train transfers.