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Prague to Krakow


My husband and I need to travel from Prague to Krakow in August but we are having trouble finding direct flights (there don't seem to be any!) or cheap train tickets.

Can someone please point me in the right direction to look for either of these? It seems strange for two countries that are so close to not have a direct flight?

Thanks in advance.


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For flights, try; try different dates but I also did not find a direct flight. There must not be a lot of business travel on this route.

The only direct train ride is overnight; morning train departures take either 6.5 hours with 2 transfers or 8 hours with 1 transfer. See more about the night train fares at, but with the caveat that they are bit cheaper to buy in Prague than from this German-based agent, or any agent outside the Czech Rep.

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A little quicker but more complicated and more expensive would be a 1hr direct flight to Warsaw and then a 3-1/2 hr train to Krakow.

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The countries have a direct flight - between Prague and Warsaw. I would recommend train. You can interrupt a long ride by staying overnight in Olomouc (little Prague without tourists).

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Thank you for the responses.

We are thinking the overnight train will be the best option for us. I have looked at Polrail but have heard they can be quite expensive. Does anyone have any links to website or info on where to buy the tickets in Prague? I'm hoping we can but them in advance and collect once we get to Prague.

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