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Prague to Krakow

I am currently trying to decide our mode of transportation between Prague to Krakow. Our initial plan was to take a late flight out of Prague on September 9th (around 20:00) via LOT airlines, with a layover in Warsaw. I had opted against an overnight train as we will be taking one three days later, when we travel from Krakow to Eger, Hungary. I was trying to limit our time on the overnight trains because I have read that many people do not get much sleep. All of our days are packed with sightseeing, and I don’t want to make ourselves miserable due to a lack of sleep.

The one-way flight for 2 was previously around $350, but has jumped in the last week to over $650 USD!! That option is now out.

I found a budget airline that flies directly from Prague to Krakow ( Unfortunately, unlike most budget airlines, they do not offer one way tickets. Two roundtrip tickets would cost about $430 USD.

Anyways, I am trying to decide now if we should just take the overnight train and risk being tired for our first day of sightseeing in Krakow, or spend the extra money for the flight in order to have one less exhausting day of travel. (If there is a bus option, that is also out as my husband gets motion sickness on bus rides). Are the sleeper trains that bad? What has been your experience? Also, what would the approximate cost be for two adults on the train from Prague to Krakow? Thank you for your help!

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Last summer we traveled the other way - from Krakow to Prague. We took the night train, about 7-8 hours. It was not totally uncomfortable, there were a few interruptions, but I did get some sleep and we did not have to waste daytime hours traveling. I would just do the night train (it is cheaper, especially if you have a Eurail pass, you can reserve a private sleeping car, and take a nap the next day!) Flying sounds way too expensive, plus with all the waiting at airport and traveling to and from airport you might not save that much time. Also, train station in Krakow is right in city so you can get a quick taxi or walk, depending where your hotel is. Train station is also site of wonderful shopping mall!

Have fun!
Laurie K.

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Take the overnight train and have a nap during your first day in Krakow. That's what I'll be doing!

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Me too.

Minus the nap.

Don't consider yourself sleepy. Think of it as being spacey but receptive.

The language barrier goes down as a loopy state lowers your inhibitions.

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I just traveled form Krakow to Prague less than two weeks ago and was in the same predicament as you - train or fly. I chose to fly in great part because it was cheaper! I flew Czech Airlines because LOT was way too expensive and was so glad I only spent an hour in the air.

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Which airlines did you fly out of? Im looking at Click2fly, but like Jennifer said, they only offer one-way flights. Is it possible to just buy that ticket, and just fly one way?

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I would also add that it is probably way to early to book a flight - there will be sales and most probably the airfare will come down.