Prague to Dubrovnik

Am looking for a way to get from Prague to Dubrovnik without spending a very large sum. Is it feasible to do this by train or would a direct flight be more doable....or even a flight to Split or Zadar. Any ideas please..

Posted by Pauline
British Columbia, Canada
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I would first check if there are any cheap flights (cuts down on the time involved). Just a note that there is no rail from Split to Dubrovnik--the bus is a scenic 4 hour ride. The ferry is a longer alternative.

Posted by Katie
Mumbai, India
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Thanks....but a busride also means a short soujourn into Bosnia....and that is an added visa on my Indian passport...I also thought of going to Bari and taking the ferry across, but a long sea journey on a choppy sea can be disastrous.
Skt Air does have a direct flight but so far no discounts have been advertised. But I guess I will keep checking all the web sites..

Posted by Bob & Lin
Sacramento, CA, USA
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You didn't say when you were flying, but Click4Sky, which is the low fare carrier within the Czech flag carrier CSA may be a possibility. Much of their site is in Czech, but this link is all in english.

They only show round trip prices, but for a Prague to Dubrovnik and return, the cost is only 59 Euro. We are going on the Best of Eastern Europe tour this summer and that was one of the choices I looked into. We are extending our stay in Europe after the tour ends and if we love Prague as much as everyone indicates, will probably use Click4Sky, and simply throw away our return ticket. Having already bought very low cost tickets to London from the US, we plan to use low cost European carriers for our 3 months in Europe.

Posted by Jo-Anne
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
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It would be fantastic if we could get one of those cheap flights. when I went to the site you posted, and put in the flight I want, I just end up with the choice of expedia, cheapo, etc, and the flights are very expensive. I then tried going right to the Czech airline site, and the flights were still about three times what you quoted. Can you give me any tips for finding these great fares?

Posted by Katie
Mumbai, India
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Thanks everyone. But have decided to change the direction of my travel. Will go to Dubrovnik first on British Air. then after touring Croatia, I ferry to Venice and then take a flight to Prague. Seemed much easier. Thanks.

Posted by ria
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Just for reference, Sky Europe is an excellent budget airline that flies between Prague and Split as well as Prague and Dubrovnik.

Posted by Katie
Mumbai, India
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Thanks Ria....but as I said earlier I have changed my plans of travel. As for Sky Europe, it is on the verge of collapse and a number of passengers have mentioned on various travel sites to be careful when booking with them. Just for your info.