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Prague to Cesky Krumlov


Next September, we will be in Eastern Europe for 3 weeks. After staying in Prague for three days, we plan to head down to Cesky Krumlov. According to the train schedule, we will travel from Prague (16:14) to Ceské Budejovice (19:04) and then have only FIVE minutes until the train to Cesky Krumlov (19:09) arrives. Is this enough time? Is the train from Prague likely to be late like many of the Italian trains I've been on in the past? Or, are they usually on time? Trains generally leave from Ceské Budejovice to Cesky Krumlov approx. every 2 hours, so there is not a lot of room for error. Even if the train arrives on time, I don't know if 5 minutes would allow enough time to grab our stuff, get off the train, find the correct platform for the next train, etc. I want to take the 16:14 train specifically to maximize our time in Prague that day and arrive at a decent time in Cesky Krumlov (around 8 PM). Otherwise, our other option is to hire a private car through Mike's Chauffeur Service, which will be a much more expensive option, or, leave Prague on an earlier train, which I'm not thrilled about. Thoughts?

I would look into taking a bus instead, but my husband gets motion sickness very easily in buses, so this is not a good option.


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I would say you are fairly safe. I just returned from a month in Europe and one of my trips had 5 minutes in between two trains. It was no problem as the train I arrived on was on the same platform as the other train I needed to catch. So seems they anticipate which trains are used as connections. They will also say over the intercom which platform different trains are on (but not always in English...) My experience with 5 min. in between was in Germany; but I traveled in Prague and the trains there were on-time.

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We spent two nights in Ceske Krumlov before traveling on to Prague by car. We can't help you with train info but highly recommend the Pension Onyx in CK. The owner is a Brit, Peter Saxon, and should be able to give you some info. His email address is

You should also be able to find some info on his place with in inquiry on CK. Very, very nice and reasonably priced. Peter was very helpful with info on things to do, places to eat, etc. in CK. Neat town, great castle.

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Train timetable in Czech Republic will change in December 2007 so your connection may change too. Otherwise local trains are usually waiting for delayed express (if it's not too much). In the worst case scenario I would take taxi from C.Budejovice to C.Krumlov. It's not that far. My estimate 200 to 300 czech crowns.