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Prague to Budapest by rail, NEED info about luggage and boarding.

I am going to take the train from Prague to Budapest in about 2 weeks. Do you know of any restrictions on luggage? I couldn't find ANY information about this on Rail Europe site. Q's : Am I allowed to carry one suitcase plus a carry on (as if by airplane) ? Do I have to check (the non-carry on) suitcase at a counter? (as if by airplane) Must I go thru x-ray check point? and what about customs at arrival? ( I am assuming not for the last as they are both Euro-Union Countries but I need to know so to plan, how much time in advance I need to be at the Station for departure and to prepare my pick up/ride, as he needs exact time I be at curb. Being that I do not speak either native languages.
ANY info is appreciated.

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Most trains don't have restrictions on luggage. If you can carry it, take it. You don't have to check your luggage. No x-ray check point. No customs. Both countries are in Schengen zone. If your train is originating in Prague be there 10 to 20 minutes ahead so you can choose your seat unless you have a reservation. I am not sure what you mean by pick up ride. Simply when you arrive to your destination there will be cabs lined in front of the station.

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Though there is "information" desk at the ticketing office, ( you will see that area, with series of ticket agents, on a ramp that descends after you are in the terminal ). English language skills there are rare, and navigation was not immediately intuitive on our first visit. The train lobby will have eye level reader boards that will show the trains by departure time with pictures of a train, by car to assist you in knowing which one to board. Note that spellings of cities are native, not english. They have overhead signs of course but track announcements arent made until roughly 30 minutes in advance. As long as you are on the right track, the conductor will point out your car. (I am assuming you are in a room with sleeping arrangements). I would give myself at least an extra hour your first time through the station at the front end to make sure you the right train and car and track. If it goes smooth, you have a free hour, if not, you have time to sort out.
We overnighted Prague to krakow, then, later, krakow to Budapest.

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THANK YOU ! ... all of you have been so helpful! :-)
I am glad I found this site! I feel as if there is a good friend at hand to help me navigate smoothly while I find my new "adventurous traveler" status. :-)