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Prague Restaurants

We are going to Prague in a couple of weeks and are looking for some ideas on inexpensive czeck restaurants to try. We will be close to the St. Charles Bridge. We are also looking for a good bakery. We have looked at a lot of different ones on Tripadvisor but are looking for some first hand recent experiences. Tripadvisor has over 1200 restaurants listed and that is kind of overwhelming. Any input will be appreciated.
Thanks - Bill

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Less expensive restaurants are outside of tourist area. Prague has many good bakeries. Inquire at TI and the hotel reception. At least for me all of them are better than here. Useful website:

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Unfortunately decent, reasonably priced "Czech" restaurants are scarce in Old Town. I'm there every year & I say your best bet is usually a hospoda (pub). For someone who doesn't know Cesky "Czech" then I would recommend U Medvidku - its only a short wander from the main tourist area & Website: . For lunch you can try Havelska Koruna at 23 Havelska which some people like to call "Czech Kitchen" - its cheap cafeteria style where the locals eat. Make sure to grab a ticket when entering and hand it over to the cashier when leaving. Only minimal English spoken, but you can point to what you want. Unfortunately, I'm diagnosed now as gluten intolerant so I can't eat the bread "cleb" there anymore except gluten free "bez lepkovy", but I did hear Bakeshop is pretty good. BTW, Even though most folks speak some English in the Old Town area, the best thing you can do for yourself is to get a good Czech-English dictionary and start practicing now on some basic words and use them in our everyday conversation. Folks really warm up if you try to speak their language.

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We visited last year and stayed right in the middle of the Old Town. Our hotel recommended a place calle Svejk (pronounced Schvoyk). It was absolutely wonderful - great selection of traditional czech food (pork and taters), schnitzels,etc. Very reasonable, great service, great atmosphere. Would love to know how you like it if you go.