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Prague - Jewish Quarter

How much time is needed to see all the sights in the Jewish Quarter? More than 3 hours? Thank you!

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It depends on how thorough you wish to be. It also depends on your background. Are you Jewish or well versed in Jewish culture? If so the exhibits on Jewish religious life will be known to you. One may find that a walk-through of the cemetery and a quick look at the Pinchas Synagogue with the names of the holocaust victims is sufficient; another may want to meditate over these for an hour. I think a full morning heading into the early afternoon is really needed, especially to include time getting comfortably from site to site and having to deal with the crowds.
Also, if you have the full ticket to include the Old-New Synagogue and the Jerusalem Synagogue, do not miss the Jerusalem Synagogue, even though it is not in the Jewish Quarter. It is the most beautiful synagogue we'd ever seen anywhere. And, the ticket for it, IIRC, can be used on a different day.

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Sundays are usually crowded (only open 1/2 day on Friday, closed on Saturday), so it can take longer and be less enjoyable.

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Thank you for the reply. This information is very helpful!