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Prague Itinerary?

We will be in Prague for 2 1/2 days in August. What, in your opinion, are the absolute must sees? How should I organize my time there for such a short time period? Thanks!

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I assume that you already have the Rick Steves book. (My strong opinion is that there's no point in spending thousands of dollars on a trip and skipping on the guidebook part.) I just got back from Central Europe, and Prague was the highlight of the trip for me. In my view the only "must sees" in Prague are St. Vitus, the Jewish cemetery & the Charles Bridge--which you can't miss. Being in Prague is mostly about just experiencing the beautiful buildings and all the tourists from all over who come to experience the same thing. Also, Prague definitely has the "coolness" factor going for it. Consider going to a place that features modern design like Arzenal. You can eat at the Thai restaurant here and observe all the cool decor. It's not too expensive.

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HI Joanna, We too will be in Prague for 21/2 days in August. The answer you got seems to be what everyone is suggesting that we see in a short time. When will you be there? You don't happen to be taking a bike trip from Prague to Vienna, do you? It would be a strange coincidence.

Karen, Portland, Oregon

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Well we'll be in Prague for 2 1/2 days in September and we're sticking to what is in Rick's book. I've read other books as well and they all point ot the same things. One highligh I'll be looking forward to is the Art Nouveau there: Mucha Museum & Obecni Dum. We're also going to take a tour (possibly private) as well as they can point you that exactly what you are looking for..everybody has different tastes.

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Try to take in some music, of which there are a ton of options, and very reasonably priced, and not just orchestral or opera.

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I was in Prague last September. It is a wonderful city, great people, food and beer!

Prague Castle is worth a short visit (few hours), fun to walk around.

Charles bridge at sunset.

Don't be afraid to get lost in the back streets away from the main traffic and tourist areas. You can eat cheap where the locals eat, awesome food!

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We just got back from Prague, were there for 3 days and had a wonderful time. Crowds were overwhelming, more crowded than Disney World! We had a nice tour with guide of the Jewish section, went to castle area, over Charles Bridge, hung around old town square, even went to modern mall (with nice food court) at Andel area (see map of trams or metros), went to Petrin Hill,Rick's recommendation for good restaurant helped, we ate at the Red Chalkboard, a little away from main area, but nice and quiet.

Have fun.
Laurie K.