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Prague in 4 days

Hello friends: Husband and I are going to the CR in late Sept/early Oct for our 10 anniversary. We will be in Prague 4 days. I'm having difficulty putting together a daily sightseeing "agenda". Should we spend 1 day in each sector (e.g. Castle Quarter, Old Town, etc) or is there a better way to approach sightseeing in Prague so we are not running ourselves ragged back & forth all over town? I'd like to see as much as possible in this limited time, but don't want to lock us into a schedule if we find a cute area off the beaten path to explore. Also, any recommendations for great, authentic Czech food would be appreciated! Thanks so much!!

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Prague is an ideal town just for walking and sightseeing. Museums? Maybe Museum of Communism and newly reopened National Technical Museum. If you don't have yet, get Rick Steves: Prague and the Czech Republic. It will give you a lot of ideas. For some almost non touristy pubs and restaurants check Check and look under city breaks. They have interesting packages for good prices. If you have still spare time, go and see singing fountain (it's not in Rick's book). Google krizik fountain. There is a talk about moving Alfons Mucha art from Moravsky Krumlov to Prague. Right now they have first five pictures already in Prague. Hopefully by the time you are there you will be able to see them all.

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I was in Prague 35 years ago and it was stunning. I remember the best part was just walking and walking. We will be there 5 nights. Our plan is to wander each quarter daily, and just amble wherever. Sure, we'll have some plan of sights (only been reading for a year) but the goal is to ramble. We may take a day to Kutna Hora, or Petrin Hill and a boatride and just crash (usually forbidden) depending on how we manage. We are big museum goers, but that's not a focus IMO in Prague. Today I found check it out; I like the section where you can search concerts/events by the month...venue,cost,program...pretty cool. Prague is beautiful. You can't go wrong. We are leaving for 3 1/2 weeks to Krakow, Prague, and God knows where. We haven't winged it like this since our first trip in ' adventure awaits! Have a wonderful trip!

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Frommer's website has self-guided walking tours for Prague that, even if you don't use them, will help you work out a plan.

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Here's what we did in 5 days last year (it was a lot of walking, be warned, but we enjoy that). We used the Rick Steve's book, and loved his walking tours. Day 1- Arrive in the afternoon, did the old town went up in the clock tower to get a good view of everything... found a table at a bar on the river and just took it all in. Day 2- Woke up early, crossed Charles Bridge (before the crowds), walked uphill to the Monastery, then over to the Castle, did the Castle quarter and then the little quarter (including a stop at a bar on Kampa Island). Day 3- Jewish Quarter in the morning, New Town in the afternoon with a stop at the Mucha museum Day 4- We took a bus to Cesky Krumlov (Student Agency, very inexpensive, nice buses, we went there and back in one day taking the earliest and latest bus) Day 5- Catch all day, went to the museum of communism (not a must do in my mind), went to the fine arts museum, took the train up to Petrin Park and climbed the tower for amazing views, slowly strolled our favorite parts of the city from the days before, stopping to shop, eat and drink our way home :) Have fun!

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Hi, Susan! I was just in Prague April 12th-14th. I'd recommend starting your stay with a tour to get an overview of the city and its history. I went on Sandeman's New Prague Free Tour. The guide was wonderful, and, best of all, it was free! Here's a link: After that, I might divide your time between sectors like you were thinking. Also, if you're looking for a great, authentic Czech restauraunt, I'd recommend going to U Medvidku. I thought the food was delicious, the prices were reasonable, and it wasn't touristy. Here's a link: If you go there, I'd recommend getting the larded roast beef in a cream sauce with bread dumplings and cranberries. It's a Czech classic. And, just as a tip, avoid eating out in Old Town or Wenceslas Square. The restaurants are generally overpriced and touristy. Hope that helps!

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Susan I am here in Prague. I am staying for 2 nights. Today was my first day and I saw half of the things I wanted to see, tomorrow I will see the second part. Prague is not like Rome that one thing is here and the other one somewhere else, everything is at walking distances you will have plenty of time.
Good luck and save trip