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Prague: Emergency Care

In the 2007 Prague Guidebook, it shows that first aid and emergency care is free. This is incorrect as I found out on Sept. 22. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and received bills for both. It was explained to me by the doctor and hospital administrator that health care is "free" only for CZ citizens (it's subsidized in whole or part by the government - deductions are taken from wages and earnings). Fortunately, the CZ healthcare system is much more understanding and tolerant than we're used to in the States, and I was able to check out of the hospital by signing an IOU. I have a certain amount of time to make payment via wire transfer. Included with the bill was a lovely lovely postcard of the hospital and a tourist map! The care was excellent and the doctor, nurses and staff were exceptionally friendly and helpful. Best of all, the total bill was less than the typical deductible for US medical insurance!

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Wow! That is amazing! And good to know. Thank you for your post!
Had you thought of contacting the Prague Guidebook and making them aware? If you've got the time, it might make a real difference to someone in the future.