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Prague - Dental Tourism

Anyone here ever go to prague to have dental work done? I heard of people doing and I have a friend who needs $7k in dental work that her insurance won't cover. I told her she should go to prague and have it done. I would love some insight from anyone with experience with this or who has a friend who has done this.

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My mother,who lived in Tacoma, went to Mexico every winter - snowbird. Her and her husband had all their dental work done by an ex-pat (?) in Matzatlon(sp) saying the prices down there were less than half of what they were in Tacoma.

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The majority of the Blues (Blue Cross/Shield affiliates) now have info about accredited JCAH hospitals and providers in Europe, Central America, India, Asia etc. If your friend has BC, have her visit her BCBS website and look for the link for international care. At least then, she'll have the name of a good dentist (by US standards).

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Judging by the number of dental-related posts I've read on TripAdvisor, it would appear that Budapest is a hot spot for having dental work done. I am in no way encouraging/discouraging your friend, but I would strongly urge her to conduct a TON of research before considering this. She might start by checking out the Budapest (or Prague) TripAdvisor forum to get a sense of the good, bad, and ugly (lots of people have posted their experiences over there, some which you have to take with a grain of salt). If nothing else, it might bring up some things to consider that she may not have otherwise thought of.

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i know somebody with a real bad experience a couple of years ago. he happened to have a tooth problem while visiting and the damage done to his tooth was so bad the repair work is much more than had it done in the US. you don't want to risk anything with your teeth unless you know exactly what you're getting into.

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Wouldn't surprise me. Every time my family and I go back to Moscow, we get all of our dental work done there. It's a fraction of the cost (even though we have dental insurance here) and I've found the quality of everything I've had done to be superior to any dentist I've seen here.

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My brother still lives in San Diego. He went to Tijuana to have a bunch of dental work done and saved at least half. As far as I can tell the dental work was done to the same standards as here - I think it would have been funny seeing him crossing the border with his face swollen and trying to explain why he doesn't look like his picture though.