Prague car rental location

We are planning to pick up a Budget rental car in Prague and drop it off in Brno. We have a choice of pickup locations - Prague airport or train station. Has anyone had experience driving out of either of these locations? I'm worried about it being confusing to get out of town from the train station - but since we'll be staying in Prague this would be the easier pickup location.
We will be heading toward Telc. thanks!

Posted by Nestor
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Linda, We rented a car last summer from Europcar and picked it up at the airport because we were leaving to Germany the next day and I was traveling with teenagers (no concept of "we are late"). If you are staying in Prague a few days I would say to pick it up at the train station the day that you leave and save yourself some money. If you are staying near old town it looks like the station is far more convenient and I would not like to log my luggage back to the airport. That said I can't tell you how the service is at the station. The service at the airport was good and helpful. Hint: if you will need a GPS, try buying one over here with european maps. It came in very handy getting in and out of Prague. You might want to try sending an email to Lida Janska (mentioned in RS book) to see if she has heard of good or bad experiences at either location.

Posted by linda
redmond, WA
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Thanks Nestor.... I have done a lot of searching for rental car prices and found that renting thru Costco gives me the best deal. And I'm going to try the train station - we will have GPS so I hope it won't be too bad finding our way out of town!

Posted by Richard
Meridian, USA
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I think you will be fine picking up your car at the train station especially since you will have GPS. We picked our car at the Hotel Intercontinental Budget office in Prague a few years ago and did not have any problem getting out of town going towards Brno then on to Budapest-before days of GPS. The highway we took-? D1- seems to go right by the train station. Just be sure to take pictures of your car on picking it up. Budget charged me for some scratches on our car when we dropped it at the Prague airport