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We are going to Prague and Budapest via a night train at the end of June. Would anyone have any travel ideas for us and our 1 yr old baby? We are taking our stroller with large wheels, and Rick Steves books of course on our Ipad. We will be doing everything Rick recommeds but wanted to see if there are any kid things or something special like a restaurant or site not found in Rick's books?

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Traveling with a 1 yr old is pretty tough - but it all depends on the baby's temperment. Have you done any trips with your baby? If so, then I would go by how he/she reacted to the last trip. If you haven't taken baby on a long trip before, hope for the best but plan for the worst. I know only of Prague extremely well since I'm there at least once a year visiting inlaws. There are plenty of things for older kids, but I would think only the zoo and park would be winners for a baby. Go at a slow pace with shorter days seeing what you want to see mixing in the parks and zoo, making sure to keep to the child's normal eating schedule and nap times to avoid a major melt down. Forget any evening entertainment for this trip. One thing to keep in mind - Czechs are not tolerent of children making a scene - they are of the mind that children should be seen but not heard. They are more understanding towards babies but as a general rule, they feel that if a child is fussy they should not be in public - so you may have to leave a restaurant dining area if they child is fussy or crying & return after your baby is calm.

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A one year old doesn't care about sites. If they are about 2, they might be amused by things but they won't remember any of it. You didn't say how long you were staying but I really suggest you rethink the stroller. Actually, I'm not sure what your plans are except I think you plan to visit both Prague and Budapest and somehow a night train is involved. For ease of traveling you might be happier with a baby pack so either of you could double as pack mule. That would leave your hands full to roll your suitcase. In your situation, I would take a small, folding stroller at most. Good luck with the adventure.

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Having had a month long international travel experience with our 1 and 2 year olds a few years back, I strongly encourage you to bring the stroller, especially if it has a basket underneath to hold your gear. If s/he sleeps well in the stroller, plan your museum trips during naptime, bring the soother (if used), lots of snacks, drinks and wipes. Make a point of locating the local playgrounds and visit often to blow off steam and relax. We are taking the same kids (now 4 and 5) to Budapest and Prague this summer and have found Frommer's "Budapest and the Best of Hungary" by Ryan James to be extremely helpful and full of ideas for kids that even you will enjoy. Good Luck!