Prague 3 day plan

Arrivinig in Prague friday midday, after checking into hotel, wondering what to see and do till we leave early monday. SOme things I am planning Friday Afternoon: ? saturday:
Sunday: Jewish Quarter in the morning, after lunch ? We would like to see Prague castle, sts Cyrus and methodius church as well as other main sites. We do not like many museums or art galleries. Other places we would like to see and do: Techno/trance music club in Prague, black light theater, and good food!

Posted by ashley
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If you're looking for a club, check out I haven't been in ages, but it was a big deal for ex-pats and locals alike. Budget lots of time for just having a beer/drink in Old Town square and getting a feel for the city make sure to be at the astronomical clock on the hour so that you can witness the "animated" show. Food is a little trickier, to me at least. In Malestrana, near all the embassies, there are lots of little cafes that have well-priced meals that are very traditional Czech cuisine. If you tell me a little more about what you'd like to get out of the trip and where you'll be staying, I'd be happy to give you more ideas. I love Prague and have been several times even getting married there in the fall.

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Okay, not my expertise but maybe this will be a little help and get you back to the top of the list. The Jewish quarter on Sunday is a must. It will be an interesting contrast to the Jewish quarter in Budapest. Hitler wanted to make Prague's jewish quarter a museum for an extinct race and so it was pretty well left intact. The museum quality of the place is both great for retrospect and sad for the fact that it is now so much a museum and so little a place of daily life. Each of the synagogues is different, unique, profound and moving. Half a day or longer depending on your interest in the subject. Old Town. Get an early start. March should not be too bad but Prague is stuffed full of tourists most times of the year. This is compounded by the fact that Old Town while interesting is pretty small. The castle. Take the tram up and walk down. It's a pretty steep and demanding climb. Walking down among the shops is pleasant. It's been a few years since we were last there so I'm not too much help beyond this much.