Potential Business trip to Poland

This is my first post in the "east". I've been mostly in the Boot planning our vacation to Italy in 5 weeks (finally).
But now it looks like I will take a business trip to Czestochowa, Poland in late May or June. Looks Czestochowa is a couple hours northwest of Krakow. Since this will be my first time in Poland, any suggestions on a couple places to visit either before or after my trip for a couple of days? Since I'm just coming off a two week vacation, I won't have a lot of time (maybe 3-4 days), but I hate to fly in, spend a couple days at a factory, and fly out without seeing anything. Any suggestions as to most logical city to fly in/out of based on what I should see? I will probably fly United through either Frankfurt or London and connect from there. Since this trip just came up this week, haven't had a chance to look into at all, but I need to have an idea of a plan, so when the date for the trip is set, I can immediately book my flights. I find World War II history very interesting.

Posted by Kaeleku
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You should fly into Krakow. Krakow is a lot of fun, everyone will tell you it is a must see and you should spend a few days there. Between Krakow and Czestochowa is Auschwitz, obviously another must see since you are so close. And then if you want to dip into Czech R I can recommend Olomouc. Prague is not much farther. Honestly you should take a week off if possible - you could see a lot in 9 days with Krakow as a base.

Posted by Christine
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We just did an entire tour of Poland in September and REALLY enjoyed our time there. Krakow is a great base. There is a lot to do there, and you can get to several other places very easily. If you are into WWII history, there is a LOT to see in Krakow itself. Check out www.freewalkingtour.com. We did the Jewish Walking Tour, and it was really informative. Just be aware that it is a LOT of walking, and the tour ends at Schindler's Factory and in order to get back to the market square in the center of Krakow, it's easiest to take a cab (the walk back is pretty long). Your are also within an hour of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Not the most pleasant place to go sight seeing, but if you are going to be there, it is worth visiting. On the lighter side, you are also within an hour or 2 of the southern mountain region. The town of Zakopane is really beautiful and worth a day trip.

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Karen Warsaw flight connections might be easier for United. Czestechowa is about halfway between Warsaw & Krakow. Krakow more beautiful. Warsaw has more WWII museums and history (Ghetto and Warsaw Uprisings) but not as pretty as Krakow. Near Krakow is Auschwitz, and also places where Schindler's List took place. Krakow to Warsaw is only 3-4 hours by train so nothing is too far.

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Hi, If you do get the chance to see Warsaw, which may not be the case from your comments, given your interest in the war, visit the site of the poignant Warsaw Uprising Monument with its Museum written in 5 languages. See the Army/Military History Museum also in Warsaw. Krakow is a walking city. One of the striking sites in Krakow is the small memorial square with its large cross and the word "Katyn" above it.

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I'm going to go out on a limb and put a plug for Warsaw (Warszawa)...(caveat: I was born and raised there so I am biased)...although it's not as scenic/lively as Krakow, it's very interesting and beautiful in its own right. I feel like it gets a bum wrap, and for no reason. The Old Town reconstruction itself is amazing, considering the city was razed to the ground. So if you happen to fly in there, consider not skipping it but giving it a chance (tripadvisor has good list of things to do). You can easily take a train from there to Krakow, and you'll have a nice contrast between the two cities.