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Possible Trip to Greece


I will be visiting my son in London at the end of the month and thought why not visit Greece while I am in Europe. I have two weeks and would like to begin in Athens but also spend time resting, exercising and visiting one or two of the other islands. I will be traveling on a budget, enjoy beautiful sunsets, great wine and getting to know locals. If you have any suggestions or personal experience I would love to hear from you.

Thank You

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Athens will be very pleasant in October. The sun will be shining but it won't be too hot or smoggy. The sun will be shining. The tourist infrastructure on the islands begins to close down for the off season in October so depending on when you actually go and which islands you visit it could be very quiet.

Sunsets on Santorini are famous. There are several wineries on the island. The most beautiful village is Oia. If you want some hotel recommendations let me know what your daily room budget will be in euro.

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Hi Susan....You will enjoy Greece. Suggestion: begin your stay in the islands and save Athens for last. This is most favorable for the weather and also gives you some leeway if your travel returning to Athens is delayed. Be sure to include Oia on Santorini which is one of the most beautiful places we have ever visited. The sunsets are world class. We combined Santorini with a visit to Naxos which was quite different but also very nice.

You may be able to fly directly to one of the Greek islands from London. Investigate Aegean Airlines. If they provide service for the places you select it is a very good choice and often very reasonable.

Greek people are very friendly. Greek wine is abundant and very inexpensive. All tavernas have a house wine which they serve in a pitcher. Enjoy.

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Hi Susan!
I think this is a wonderful idea! I agree, save Athens for the last, for 2 reasons, (1) no worry about missing your flite and (2) Islands slowing down, Athens always lively in fall.

I suggest Chania in West Crete, then Santorini. If your bargain Stanstead flite arrives EARLY in Ath A,P, fly via bargain Aegean Air to Chania. If LATE, take 9pm o'night ferry (u can get a budget berth in 4-berth all-F cabin).

Chania gorgeous-- interesting HIKES nearby, also beaches, good food, chance to interact w. locals. NOT winding-down since Crete is a year-round place. MUCH to explore for 5 days
Santorini: Bus to Heraklion Crete for the daily fast-ferry to Santorini for 3-4 days. Plenty of budget sleeps and eats to suggest in both places but not enough length allowed by Rick Steves! (PM me).
Athens - stay in Plaka district; athens is a totally safe comfortable big city for single F explore solo; great d-i-y solo walks too.

GET TRANSPORT FIRST -- Hotels/pensions afterward.