Poland: Krakow, Wielczka salt mines, Auschwitz & Birkenau

We are driving to Poland and are concerned about the flooding in eastern Europe. Does anyone know if the greater Krakow area has been affected? Also, are parking garages in Krakow safe for foreign vehicles? Which is best, self-driving to the salt mines and concentration camps, or taking tours or public transportation to the sites? Thank you!

Posted by Ilja
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It does not seem that there are floods around Krakow. When we were there we took a tour to Auschwitz and then in the afternoon to Wieliczka. Price was reasonable (certainly it beat rental car cost), they showed us introductory film about Auschwitz & Birkenau on the bus. We had our guide there as well as in Wieliczka salt mines. I would recommend tour over doing it yourself.

Posted by Agnes
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If you don't get an answer here, I'd recommend e-mailing the tourist office...I haven't heard anything about southern Poland being affected. You should find out whether the rental company will allow you to take a foreign car into Poland. It's easy to get to the salt mines and Auschwitz via public transport/tour group - it just depends what kind of experience you are seeking.

Posted by Andrea
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Hi KC, We lived in Budapest for several years, and when we went to Poland, we drove there. This was back in 2010. Our car was a Chev Malibu that we brought over with us from Canada and we had no trouble whatsoever parking it anywhere. There is a huge parking lot at Auschwitz and also at the salt mines, but I don't recall if you had to pay for parking...I don't think so. If you have a rental car, just drive it and you will be fine.
Enjoy your trip! Andrea