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My sister and I will be visiting Poland March 26-April 3 and need recommendations for an English-speaking guide that can take us down south to Jaroslaw. You recommended a great guide for us in Prague and Budapest but I cannot find any of your recommendations for Poland. Also need recommendations for hotels in Warsaw and Crakow. We are two women traveling by ourselves. Thanks so much!

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We stayed in hotel Saski in Krakow and liked it. It's very close to Rynek Glowny (main square). Sorry cannot help with Warszawa or a guide.

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I don't know if it has suggestions for private guides, but In Your Pocket guides are full of helpful information including numerous hotel reviews that cover all types of accommodations and price ranges. Here's a link to the online version of the Krakow and Warsaw guides.



Hope these help. Have a great trip!

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Hi Elaine.

In 2001 I took the train from Warsaw to Crakow and then from Crakow back to Berlin, over 9 hrs.

You asked about a hotel recommendation. In Crakow I stayed at the Europejski, a good deal, nothing real fancy, en suite, and it has a restaurant, also a good deal.

It's located on ul. Lubicz 5.

Once you exit the Crakow train station, turn to your left and you'll see the hotel sign, just a few steps away. To the Rynek it's about a 10-15 min. walk from the Europejski.

Opposite of the train station and across the way, you can see the Polonia Hotel as you are stepping out of the station.

If you want to stay in a hostel, the Greg and Tom is an excellent one based on its outstanding reviews, it's located to the right of train station.

Can't help you with a recommendation in Warsaw.

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Hotel Saski in Krakow could not have a better location. The bathrooms are shared, but they allow enough privacy for enough individual privacy.

I stayed at a place called "Boutigue Bed and Breakfast" in Warsaw. Despite the odd arrangement of the showers, I found it a very comfortable establishment, and the owner is one of the more memorable people I have met in my travels.

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We stayed in hotel Saski as I already said. I don't know if they have any rooms with shared bathrooms. We certainly had our own in the room.

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In 2005, I, too, stayed at the Hotel Saski. As others have already stated, the location was wonderful and the hotel suited our needs.

We had a shared bathroom (but Ilja has said they also have en suite rooms) and I'll never forget how the bathrooms were designated between Men's and Women's by only a circle or a triangle. It was anyone's best guess which was which. Imagine the surprise when I came out of the shower room (clothed) only to find a man coming in to use the facilities. I think he was more embarassed than I was. Aahhh, if only I had noted the urinal in the corner before going in...

By the way, I still can't remember which was which, so if you stay there and share a bathroom you may want to inquire beforehand. Or not, and see what happens!

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We hired Andrew Durman in Krakow to take us to Auschwitz. He is listed in RS's Eastern Europe guide book. Excellent guide who can do a variety of day trips from Krakow. Stayed in the Globetroter in Krakow and were very happy with the rooms and service.

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On the circle versus triangle business--it's ubiquitous in Poland. Circle is female and triangle is male. (I remembered it by thinking that women are curvy, hence the circle. My husband had a cruder mnemonic device...)

And, to answer the original question, we stayed at Cracow Days, about ten minutes walk from the Old Town. Lovely accommodations and fantastic breakfasts and away from the hustle and noise of the Old Town, though in spring it would likely be less of a problem.