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Plitvice recommendations

Would appreciate feedback of places to stay for 3 nights at Plitvice lakes Croatia. Wanted 2 days for a more relaxed look at the lakes. Current plan is to take local bus from Split to lake, then local bus to Zadar to meet ferry back to Italy. I always appreciate any hints,

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I went using google. I searched "sobe near plitvice" and found about 20, one of which we used in 2011. We were at PL on Croatian National Day, the day that every Croatian goes to Plitvice Lakes park and tromps around. It was wonderful even so. We had no problem renting the house (5 people), maybe for 100 E. There are many houses available. If you are planning ahead 3-4 months, this method works fine. Don't know about the speaking of Portuguese, but I guess you speak English too.

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We did the same as Paul- I still had this page form the Plitvice tourist board bookmarked: Can't remember exactly where we stayed but just emailed one of the sobe owners ahead of time to book a room, although there were people that walked in the day of as well. Probably depends the time of year when you are going if that is feasible. We stayed in a house in Rastovaca near Entrance 1, it was simple accommodation but clean and convenient. One word of advice- wherever you stay, make sure you know which bus stop you need to get off. It seemed that most folks get off at Entrance 2 (near the hotel). We requested to be dropped off at Entrance 1 (coming from Zagreb) but the bus driver blew right by it and we had to hoof it back from Entrance 2 (luckily we were able to take the park transport for part of the way). But since you're coming from the other direction it should be easier.

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Hi, if you are taking the bus then the sobe's may not be practical because they are not in the park and the bus may not stop very near where the Sobe is located leaving you with a long hike or trying to find transprtation to the Sobe. I was there in June and there are 3 places to stay in the park which is much better for those arriving by bus and is a convenient walk to the lake and local trams. All 3 hotels are near the bus stop. We stayed in hotel Bellevue. It is the low end of the 3, but if all you are looking for is a bed then it will do fine. You still have to go to the neighboring hotel for dinner because Bellevue only serves breakfast. Also, if you stay in the park hotel you can reuse your daily park pass again the next day by having the hotel stamp it. Saves a few Euros if visiing there for a few days. Awesome place, you'll enjoy it!