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Plitvice National Park, Croatia or Lake Bled, Slovenia

My wife and I are traveling through Croatia and Slovenia this June. We are trying to decide if we should spend two days in Lake Bled area and not see Plitvice, or one day in each. If we spend two days in Lake Bled we plan on driving through the Julian Alps one day. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments?

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i would recommend both if you can. both are must sees IMO. we did lake bled area in 1 day/2 nites and plitvice in 1/2 day/1 nite.

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Hi Todd,

I've been to both but am reticent to cast a vote here without knowing more about the kinds of activities you and your wife like.

First I'd like to say that, scenery wise, both areas are gorgeous and there wouldn't be a wrong choice in that department (although I do have a preference between them, but that's based on criteria relevant to us, not necessarily everyone).

Plitvice is more like one of our national parks, with hiking paths winding through forests and around lakes, waterfalls, etc. Hiking is the main activity here, and you would have to drive out of the park to one of the nearest towns if you wanted more "action."

Lake Bled is more of a resort town to which many Europeans flock during the summer months (decidedly a downside to Bled in the summer). Activities in Bled itself include walking the path around the lake and/or taking a boat ride on it, shopping, etc., your normal resort town fare. Bled's surrounding environs are stunning, you can drive through the Julian Alps, go up into Austria (we stopped in Klagenfurt, a town we liked very much), maybe even visit the Postojna Caves or Predjama Castle, etc.

As you see, the two areas are both beautiful but provide different kinds of experiences, so it boils down to what interests you and your wife more.

Lastly, IF you decided to go with the Lake Bled option, I have heard wonderful things about nearby Lake Bohinj, that it doesn't get as touristed as Lake Bled in the summer. Thought I'd pass that along, as it's definitely something I'm keeping in mind for our next trip to that region.

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If you are traveling from Slovenia down the Dalmatian Coast, then a stop in Plitvice is a highlight. My wife and I ended up spending two days walking through the park which has the feel of a tropical paradise as waterfalls flow from one pristine lake to the next.

If you are staying in Slovenia, then a drive around the Julian Alps on the second day is a great idea. Lake Bohinj is gorgeous and it can be viewed from above by taking a gondola to the top of the adjacent mountain. There is also a nice hike at the far end of the lack up the headwaters of the Sava River. Another great spot is Kranska Gora and driving over the pass into the Trenta Valley. Check it out on Google Earth.

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You must go to both no matter what. Plivice is like no other national park in the world. We took bus from Zakreb soty in early afternoon hiked for 3 hours then caught bus to Split. Stayed at Bled for 2 days.

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This is Todd (the person who asked the question in the first place) using my wife's account.
In case anyone is looking for information about this question, Plitvice or Bled, I would like to give my opinion after having visited both. We spent half a day and a night in Plitvice and enjoyed it very much. The park is spectacular. It exceeded our expectations and we had looked at pictures and video before hand. Words can not do it justice.

We also spent two days in Lake Bled. On the second day we rented a car and drove through the Julian Alps. Although it is quite scenic, we preferred Plitvice. We are so glad we did not skip Plitvice in order to focus on Bled. We would in fact, recommend Plitvice over Bled to other travelers on time constraints.

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I agree with you Todd. There is nothing in the world like Plivice. Glad you got to see both!! Also in Solvenia, go see both sets of caves, they are truly amazing..

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Also agree. While lake Bled is beautiful, Lake Plitvice is unique. I look at my photo from there everyday at work.

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I am spending 4 days in Slovenia in early June, so cannot comment on Bled. However I have been to Plitvica National Park and it is like no other. The limestone formations made such beautiful water and waterfalls. One of the things I liked in addition to the scenery was that there were very few caution signs littering the landscape like in US National Parks. The park was left as natural as possible.

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My trip to Croatia was planned because of Plitvice National Park. I will never forget that beautiful scenery.
I spent the entire day walking the trails and viewing the many waterfalls.

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