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Please Help With Ferry From Ancona to Split

Hi fellow travellers,
I will be travelling to Europe very soon for 4 months and
have booked a week sail croatia holiday. i need to get to Split from Ancona on Friday 27/06/08 and have just received quotes for 2 different ferries, jadrolinja and blue star. i cannot believe the costs ive been quoted $300USD for both of us in a 2 berth cabin,
im starting to think i may as well book a reclining seat
i just want to know "will this be a mistake"?
the ferry gets me to split at 7 am and my tour starts at 1pm, i would like to try and get some sleep thaty night but dont really want to spend over $300
has anyone taken this trip and what can you recommend?
thanks in advance Vikkie:)

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Vikkie, I have not taken this boat but when I was researching options between Croatia and Italy, I noticed that there were different types of cabins ... some with shower, some without and the prices varied. The Jadrolinja website shows all the various types of cabins. I'm wondering if you were quoted the most expensive option.

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Vikkie, my husband and I took a Jadrolinja boat from Ancona to Split at the end of April 2005. It's been awhile, our fare then was 153 euro total for the two of us. We had an inside cabin with two berths, and a bathroom with toilet and sink. Price also included a "European" breakfast. We left Ancona at 9 pm.

There were folks who slept on sofas in a public area instead of booking a cabin, but there is no privacy, which would make it hard for us to get a good nights sleep. I also like fully reclining at night. The berths/cabins were OK, kinda utilitarian---not fancy, but we slept well. We also heard that in the high summer season, you'll always find passengers who sleep out on the deck.

We booked our tickets at the Ancona ferry dock without any problems. You can decide what you want for accommodations at that point.

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Not sure of that route but if you two split up and each take a dorm bed, if available, it may be a cheaper option.

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It should be about 150 to 170 Euros for both of you in an outside cabin with bath.

Make sure you are booking with the company you are traveling with and not an agency which might charge much more.