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Please Help! Need Warsaw, Prague, Budapest advise.

I'm traveling from Paris to Warsaw and back to Paris (spouse's business trip) and thought about taking the opportunity to stop in Prague for a night in route to Warsaw. I have time and money for one excursion from Warsaw and thought of Prague, or Budapest, or would be interested any any other suggestions for an overnight trip in the area. Any advise, thoughts on Warsaw, Prague, Budapest? Is Warsaw worth 3 nights?
Thanks so much,

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You should probably consider adding another stop between Prague and Warsaw, as the two cities lie quite far from each other and Polish rail is not nearly as fast as its western European counterparts. Krakow might be a good choice, although it doesn't sit directly between Prague and Warsaw. Budapest is far too distant for the timeline you have proposed.

I spent 2 nights in Warsaw but I did not feel this was enough time adequately explore the city. I could have easily used an extra day, if not two more.

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Thanks Tom,
I'm going to fly from Paris to Warsaw (and back) so Prague would be an easy stop for me.
Time is a factor though.
We'll fly into Paris from US and get a hotel at airport and sleep the first night there.Then,I'll fly to Prague spend one night before flying to Warsaw for 2 nights.
Then I'll fly back ro Paris for four nights.
I'm glad to hear you say you didn't have enough time in Warsaw. It sounds interesting.I've never been to either Warsaw or Prague, so maybe this wil give me a taste.
Thanks for the input,