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I don't want to take my laptop to Turkey but need to communicate with work by e-mail. I have Verizon as a carrier and I want to upgrade to a Smartphone to check e-mail. Will this work in Turkey?

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Yes, no, maybe. There are several factors. One, does Verizon work in Turkey? Probably, but I would call them. Two, will the areas you are visiting in Turkey be able to support your phone? Maybe. Istanbul and other major cities I would say yes, small towns probably no.

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make sure you vz phone is compatible in turkey. they should have that info on vz's website or their sales people should know. make sure your boss will pay for the roaming charges when you're in turkey. another alternative is to get emails over wifi when you're there. plenty hotspots you should be just fine. internet cafe is common, you can use secure web access to outlook if that's available from your IT dept. best of all is not to get work emails when you're out there.

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Unless you have a need to communicate with work often while you're gone, why not leave the gadgets at home and just use an internet cafe to touch base occasionally?

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If you upgrade to one of Verizon's "Global Phones", it'll work in Turkey. Just go to the Verizon Wireless website and click on 'international services.'