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Olympic Airlines, Mykonos to Athens, reliability of on time

We are flying home from Athens October 12 on a 1:30 PM flight. Should we go to Athens the night before or count on the Olympic flight that arrives in Athens at 10:35AM to be on time. My spouse and I have different opinions about this. Please advise.

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People make the choice to opt for same-day flight connections all the time and have no problems doing so. I always wonder what happens to those who do and end up missing a flight because of mechanical breakdowns or a weather cancellation. If you schedule your flight back to Athens for the day before you at least have a second chance to make it to the airport if something goes wrong. The conventional wisdom is to save your exploration of Athens for the end of your trip instead of taking those days at the beginning, so you have that extra time built in, just in case of a problem.