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Numerous country currencies needed for Eastern European tour?

Going on Eastern European RS tour. In reading the RS book, it says that each of the 5 countries that we will be visiting uses their own currency. I would like to know others experiences on this. Were there any neighboring countries that would accept a previous countries money? Are we going to have to go to ATMs in every country and hope we estimate and don't draw out too much before moving on to the next place?
Countries that we'll be visiting -- Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Rely on your credit cards and draw small sums using your ATM. By the way, none of those countries consider themselves to be in Eastern Europe. Odd RS doesn't know that. A little like calling a Texan a Yankee.

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Here what we did last Sept.-Oct. when we were in the first three countries on your list plust Romania, Bulgaria, and Turkey. We would get what amount of money we thought we would need from an ATM. As we were leaving each country we would apply any money we had left over to our hotel bill. We always keep some as souviners. Coins are the most difficult to get rid of. In several countries we went to a money changer window in the train station and simply exchanged the last coutry's money for new country's money. Going through so many countries that have their own money made it difficult for us to do exchange rates so we didn't worry about the value of the United States dollar in relationship to the money of the country we were in. The countries you will be going to are quite a bit less expensive that in the U.S. or western Europe, at least for the way we travel, so that made trying to figure out the exchange rate a usless exercise.

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I did the same tour last year (it was fantastic) . I got money from an ATM when I arrived at the airport. After that, when we crossed from one country to another, the tour leader gave us the opportunity to exchange the currency for the country we just left to the currency for the country we just entered. It was not a problem. Enjoy the trip!

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I did this tour a couple of years ago. The guide gave us an estimate of how much we would need of each currency and then gave us a quick stop opportunity to get rid of small amounts as we left a country. She was very accurate with the amounts and I came home with only a few coins from each country. Even if you have to exchange some, you are only dealing with a small amount so the exchange rate was minimal. It is a great tour - have fun.