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North or South in Croatia

Still in a dilemma.. there is so much to see and so little time in Croatia... Do I go North along the Coast or South? I was in Dubrovnik back in the '70s so I'm not sure it's worth another trip. What would you recommend? I was also going to go to Mostar but it is really out of the way.
thank you

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Get a book, read up, pick a region that interests you, stick to it, and don't try to cover the whole country (pick places that miniize travel time in between). I picked central/southern coastline (along with Sarajevo and Mostar, which were diversions for sure) and it worked out great. I realized that meant giving up Plitvice and Istria and saving them for another trip.

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If you haven't been to the islands you should do that. There are a lot of ferries and you can go pretty much all the way from Rijeka to Dubrovnik.

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"so little time" how little? You should get a copy of RS guide book that covers Croatia as it is full of information that may help you decide. I found it very helpful when I was thru Croatia in July of this year for the first time and there was lots to see. You might also want to go to the Tours section of this web site and check out his tour of the Adriatic to see where they go. Happy travels.