Night trains in Bulgaria

I am trying to find a good night train option to get into and out of Bulgaria from Istanbul and Bucharest. I found a Istanbul to Sofia night train but it had a couple of transfers including a "car ferry" in the middle of the night. Does anyone else know of a better way? It does not have to be Sofia...another town in Bulgaria would be fine. To summarize, I am looking for a Istanbul to ?? Bulgaria night train. Then a ?? Bulgaria to Bucharest, Romania night train. Target time is April/May. Thanks!!

Posted by David
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if you haven't been to plovdiv in bulgaria, suggest you go there and spend overnight. great place with a lot of stuff to see. it's only a short ride to sofia, you can take a train from istanbul to plovdiv. i had taken a day time train from sofia to bucharest, leaves early in the morning arrives around 5 or 6. its a pretty comfy ride not many passengers. overall trains are not expensive in this region, but it does take time from a to b. so if cost is an issue, you may want to break up the trip to see a few smaller places along the way, the big cities are not that more interesting than the smaller towns.

Posted by Ilja
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This is how I would do it. Get a good map and a guide of Bulgaria. Then on Deutsche Bahn put Istanbul to Bucuresti and if I have to change train somewhere I could stay there. Or go directly to Plovdiv and then to Bucuresti. You can tailor your own way. Deutsche Bahn has train schedules of all Europe.

Posted by Monte
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Charles, See my reply under Transportation. The map you need is Rail Map Europe by Thomas Cook (Co.). Amazon has it. You will better see the route from Istanbul to Buchuresti.