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New Eastern Europe TV Travelogue

For all the eastern Europe fans, Michael Palin (of Monty Python/Pole to Pole fame) has a new (2007) travel series profiling 20 countries in eastern Europe. I stumbled across episode I tonite on our local PBS channel (Knowledge Network); covering, in 1 hr, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania. Typical of Palin and the BBC, it's well done, not a tourist type show but, rather, a meet the locals to discuss their 'issues', together with a bit of recent (and some old) history, and all too brief 'taste tests' of what his stops along the way are about. Episode I targetted Hvar, Split, Dubrovnik, Mostar, Sarajevo and Durres & Tirane in Albania. Showed beautiful shots of all locales, a train trip Mostar/Sarajevo, the divers off the new Mostar bridge, etc., etc. Interested? Google Knowledge Network or BBC -Michael Palin New Europe- to see a few clips of the different episodes and what's included in each episode. Your local PBS should be showing it soon, if not already. I know I'll be watching all future episodes.

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For those really interested (or just Michael Palin fans, he's funny), I saw after my post that you can buy the entire series from Amazon on DVD for about $45 and the accompanying book, with lots of dialogue/photos, for about $35.

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I've been watching it on The Travel Channel via Comcast cable tv. Tonight is Poland.
Its great because it doesn't have much the varnish you see on other travel shows and he really has folks telling it like it is for them.

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Thanks Debbie!

I just looked it up and it's on the schedule for Direct TV...