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New Acropolis museum

Hi all

For those going to Athens in the near future the New Acropolis Museum is officially opening today.

I went to the pre-exhibition on the ground floor about 18 months ago and it really is a spectacular building.

Their site is interesting, and has details of opening hours and ticket prices, as well as more information about what is displayed.


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Thanks for the info Alan! It sounds fantastic--you were so fortunate to get a preview!

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I'm so envious. We were there in May prior to the opening. The museum looks beautiful from the outside, and I'd love to go back to Greece to see all its treasures!

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Alan, or anyone: Do they still want the Elgin Marbles back?

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To KEnt...they certainly do and gavae left an empty spot for them!! (accordingly to the BBC online).

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Alan & Maryann:

Thank you for the replies! Alan: I read the website (re the latest in the dispute over the return of the Parthenon Marble) with interest. Thank you for that.

The last time I was in the British Museum I was interviewed by a museum employee about my reaction to the place and suggestions (just the standard interview, picked out of the crowd), and when I mentioned the "Elgin Marbles" I was told, politely of course, that the term is no longer used by the Museum. The website article made the same point.

But Rick and/or his editors apparently aren't aware of this, his 2009 London and England books are still rife with the non-PC term "Elgin Marbles."

I even tried sending Rick's editor a note on that but that portion of the site is malfunctioning.