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nepal and burma

I did not see a subject matter for this so I hope someone out there knows about
Nepal and Burma. My son is heading there in a week and I am very concerned about this. How safe is it to travel there?

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You might do a computer search: u. s. state department travel warnings. That should lead you to helpful information.

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He's going to hit the start of the summer monsoon in Nepal, which can be a bit sporty, but not alarming. It's been five years since I've been there, but more recently there've been a bunch of demonstrations and shut-downs. I can't speak to the nature of these. Burma is the up-and-coming tourist spot and getting better all the time. I was last there two years ago. My wife was there last year. Again, the monsoon can be a pain in the tail.

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The US State Department website has some pertinent information. From our recent trip to Nepal, we found the country a wonderful and relatively safe place all things considered. The biggest safety issue was transportation (all forms). Highly recommend good medical/evacuation insurance.

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Burma is awesome. Well, it was when I was there about 10 years ago. We saw not a single other American during our travels there (always a good sign ;) - mostly locals and visitors from Asian countries, a few Europeans. A few rough edges here and there and some frustrating old-style bureaucracy, but otherwise a lovely country with wonderful people (not counting the government goons at the time). In the capital, we saw very little motorized vehicle traffic - mostly bicycles, oxcarts and people on foot - looked like what I expect a city in China was like in 1950. Giant, Stalinesque propaganda bilboards ( "The People's Desire: Resist Foreign Stooges and Interference in the State's Affairs!"). Amazingly friendly people and incredible sights. High heat & humidity, not much air con. We loved the place. Go soon, before the 7-11s and Pizza Huts move in.