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Need suggesstions for first trip

We have traveled extensively (40+ trips)in the UK, Austria, Germany, and the Scandinavian countries. This Dec we did a day trip to Budapest and loved it. We are contemplating a 2 1/2 - 3 week trip this July and are seriously considering exploring parts of Europe we've haven't seen yet. I want to see more of Budapest and think we'll probably want to see Croatia, Yugoslavia, former Prague and maybe Poland. I know we can't do all of these as we like to spend several days in each city (we do train day trips, though). How about some specific suggesstions for a summer trip?!!! We also travel each Nov/Dec and if you think that would be a better time for a specific location, let me know!

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I mistyped. I ment former Czechoslovocia (forgive my horrible spelling). We enjoy looking at architecture, history, gardens and especially markets. I definitely want to see Prague and more of Budapest.

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Not sure what you mean by former Prague . . . . Do you have other countries of former Yugoslavia in mind besides Croatia?

You could link parts of Poland, Prague and Budapest together. Or you could spend time in Croatia and Slovenia with daytrips to Bosnia-Herzegovina and/or Montenegro. Train travel in southern Croatia isn't available, but buses and ferries are. Hard to suggest things when I don't know what you like to do but favourite destinations of mine in Croatia are: Dubrovnik, Split, the Dalmatian Islands, and Plitvice Lakes. We hit record temperatures this past July in Budapest and Slovenia so be prepared for that. It was a challenge, but fun, to find activities to keep cool!

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We love Krakow, Poland. Best town square in
Europe and market at Cloth Hall is great. Also
you mention history. Polish at Wawel hill and
castle, the Jewish quarter in Krakow and day
trip to Auschwitz. All are worth your time.
I would suggest 3-4 days in Krakow.

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An under touristed gem of a Baroque city is Vilnius, in Lithuania. I imagine that it has much of the charm that Prague once enjoyed, before the armies of backpackers invaded. Vilnius is cheap, well preserved, relatively compact, friendly, and virtually untouched by mass tourism. The only drawback is that it takes a bit more planning to travel here, and it is located in a rather isolated corner of Europe.

Krakow and Warsaw are also worth a consideration.