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Need Prague Advice

my husband and i planned a trip to paris for two weeks in july, and now the trip has kind of...grown. i got to pick paris, and so he now gets to pick at least one other city to visit. we figure if we're going to fly to europe, we might as well make the most of it. we have more time than money--five days on either or both ends of our two weeks in paris are available. he would like to do prague for five of them. we are looking for advice on: 1. flights within europe as opposed to trains. i've found some insanely cheap fares. any experiences? 2. prague apartment rentals--again, i've found some VERY reasonably priced locations, and tend to be of the mindset that 'if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is'. what should one expect to pay for an apartment in prague? i've found several for around 50 EU per night, which really is our budget. and 3. Prague vs. Amsterdam, if we can only do one, and it is looking like we might have to pick, as I have my heart set on filling one of our available time slots with Florence (again, provided the flight prices are legit).

Thank you in advance for any input!

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Prague is still quite a cheap city, and 50 euros is a believable price for a clean, comfortable, but not particularly big or luxurious apartment.

I've stayed at the apartment below twice and been happy with it. It's only 2 minutes from a metro station, and then three stops into the centre, and there are good (and cheaper) places to eat nearby.

Prague is beautiful and well worth visiting.

If you are going to be there a few days, and aren't staying right in the centre, it is worth buying a 5 day travel pass. There is a booth just opposite where you come out of customs at the airport that sells these.


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Easyjet and airberlin normally fly to the main airports of the city they service, and Easyjet flies out of terminal 3 at CDG to Prague. Suggest you check both for both Prague, AMS and Florence, however the airport the legacy carriers use for Florence is Pisa.

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I've not stayed in an apartment in Prague, though I did research it heavily last year and didn't come up with anything nearly as low the prices you're quoting. Definitely check out the sources ... look to see if the rental company has been reviewed on Tripadvisor or somewhere similar. That might give you a good idea of how trustworthy they are.

Prague is amazing. I went for the third time in June and still just love it. In July, it's definitely crowded (well, it pretty much always is, at least these days) but if you wander off the main attractions, you'll definitely get a unique experience!

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Prague is great - great beer at a great price. I liked Prague a lot but I wish we had traveled a bit more through the country and seen more than Prague. That said, I love the Netherlands (and not just for the coffee shops). Have spent time in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Delft, and Leiden. The Netherlands is simple and beautiful.

A place that you didn't mention but worth looking to see if there are cheap flights there is Krakow. I loved Poland - Krakow is beautiful and so different and inexpensive.

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That is a tough choice- sounds like you need to plan a 2nd trip :).
I've found both places well represented by Rick and other reviewers, so I think you can trust what read. I would say Prague is slightly more "romantic" and "historical" Amsterdam is more "party" and "culture". That is not to say both don't have a lot of everything- they do. Amsterdam offers soft drugs and global food/shopping, if those matter.

If this addition is the last leg of your journey; Amsterdam's airport offers tons of direct flights back to US, Prague has few, if any.

Trains= slow, easy and expensive (I really like scenic routes and night trains)
Cheap Air= cheap and not-easy ( as a tourist, I avoid as much as possible)

You can't go wrong with either choice.

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Hi Tracy,
As Steve mentioned, has worked great for us. We have used the site a lot in the last 3 years for several spots in Italy, Salzburg and Vienna, Austria, Prague, and Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Here's where we stayed in Prague for < 40E/pp/day. There were 4 of us and the apt could have easily slept 6-8, if you counted the large couches in the living room.

I think you wouldn't have much of a problem finding something along your budget lines.