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Need help with Turkey Itinerary

Fellow Travelers My husband and I are planning a 16 day trip to Turkey and Italy for September - 2 full days will be getting there/returning home, so we really have 14 days. Do you think this itinerary is too much/too rushed? Istanbul (3 days) fly to Cappadocia (3 days) fly to Izmir - (2 days- 1 day beach at Kusadasi; 1 day at Ephesus) Fly back to Istanbul (2 more days) Fly Istanbul to Milan, train to Varenna (half of one day) Lake Como region (3 more days, just to relax after all the sightseeing) Fly home 1) Is there a decent beach near Kusadasi? we just wanted at least one beach day..
2) is three days too much for Cappadocia? should we stick with 2 days instead? thoughts appreciated - thanks!

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Flying Istanbul to Cappadocia, or Cappadocia to Izmir, or even Izmir back to Istanbul will each eat up a minimum of one half-day when accounting for hotel check-out, airport transportation, airport check-in, security, boarding, the flight itself, transportation from the second airport, hotel check-in, etc. I'm assuming that you are leaving Istanbul, then coming back, because of the flight to Milan. Consider playing with the itinerary, to see if continuing on to Nevsihir or Kayseri (Cappadocia) at the beginning would give you more total sightseeing time in Turkey. Depending on your interests, three days in Cappadocia will allow you see most of the highlights; two days might force you to leave some activities out.

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I think your itinerary is fine. Assuming that you are renting a car in Izmir and Nevsihir or Kayseri, Lamont's summary of travel times/issues is accurate. If you are renting a car pick up a road map and familiarize yourself with how to handle toll roads (an issue for the Izmir portion). In one full day you can see what I consider the key sites at and around Ephesus (Ephesus, museum in Selcuk, temple of Artemis, Basilica of St. John). A second day allows for a more relaxed pace and the opportunity for other sites and the beach. There are decent beaches around Kusadasi. There is also a beach a short drive from Selcuk. I prefer Selcuk as a place to stay, but I am not really a beach person - so you might prefer Kusadasi. I think three days (2 and one half) is a good amount of time for Cappadocia. There is a lot to see in this area and its scattered around a bit, so it will take time to drive between the sites. Goreme is probably the best located town to stay in in this area, but certainly not the only option. Four and a half days will allow you to see the key sites in Istanbul. Have fun.

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Brenda, if you can give up the beach day in Kusadasi, you can find great places around Lake Como, which is at the end of your itinerary. This could give you a little more time in Varenna. Selcuk is closer to Ephesus than Kusadasi or Izmir.

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Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I think I should just bag the beach. Unfortunately I'm having trouble finding places to stay in Lake Como! I thought Sept/Oct were shoulder season but apparently it's still high season at that time. Yikes! I used to feel more comfortable "winging it" but no more....I like to know i have hotel reservations! ;-) thanks for the help. I think we'llskip Kusadasi and instead try to stay in Selcuk.