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Need help with Turkey Itinerary

Hi all, can anyone help me with our trip to western Turkey.
We have 8 days and we will be flying into Istanbul. We really want to see Ephesus and take a day trip to Samos. How many days should we allow for Istanbul? What we were thinking about is 3 nights in Istanbul and 4 nights in Kusadasi. Any help is much appreciated!! Thank you!

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I think 4 days is too long in Kusadasi. Do
an overnight in Samos. By the time you get to
the island and they do the passport thing, it
really doesn't allow much time to see the island
When we got our ticket, the man told us, no need,
no need, to spend the night. I forgot they don't
like the greeks.

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The only reason to go to Kusudasi is to get the boat to Samos. If I had only 8 days, I'd spend 5 or 6 in Istanbul, then allow the rest of the time to get to Samos, then fly home from Athens.

You can see a lot in just the Istanbul area without going far. Try to go to the Princes' Islands, epecially Buyukada. Also go to the Asian side, check out Bagdat (Bagdad) Street. Very European, a whole different world than the tourist section of Istanbul.