"Must see" with kids in Cappadocia

We will be in Cappadocia with our 8 & 12 year olds for three days in Oct. What do you think would be "must see" areas for them? Also, has anyone taken a horseback riding tour...if so, is it easy riding for my 8 year old? She has taken horseback riding lessons for a year. And, unfortunately balloon rides are out, since everyone in our family gets terrible motion sickness!

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be sure the location is one of the best for imagination (even for the kids)
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Gokhan / Izmir - Turkey

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I have heard that the landscapes of the Smurfs were inspired by Cappadocia. So tell them to watch out for Smurfs.

The underground cities are a big hit with kids. Also the pottery making demonstrations at the pottery factory at Avanos where you can try your hand at a potter's wheel. And do consider a balloon ride--you will be awestruck. And no sense of either height or motion while you are in the basket, either.