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Moscow tour guide recommendations?

Has anyone used a tour guide in Moscow that they can recommend? Three of us are signed up for the RS tour that ends in St Petersburg June 15. We plan to take the train to Moscow afterwards, and we've already booked our hotel there. We'll be in Moscow 3 nights and have a list of places we want to see. A guide that could take us outside of Moscow for a day would also be good. P.S. If anyone else is signed up for the same RS trip, let us know. Maybe we can talk you into joining us in Moscow!

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Not sure about a specific guide, but I know that the Lonely Planet guide has some recommendations.

When I was in Moscow last year, I had a tip: plan on one big sight a day, and if you see more, than that is the cherry on top.

This is very true. Moscow is a huge city, and trips around town take a good amount of time. Having a guide would make the trip easier, but it is not necessary. PM me for any more info on Moscow.

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While I unfortunately have no recommendations for you, I will say that unless you speak Russian, you should definitely definitely invest in a guide, especially if you're planning to travel outside the touristy central Moscow. There are way too many shady people and scammers there -- be especially wary of anyone trying to talk you into giving you a ride anywhere. There are a lot of "independent" cabbies around main transit terminals, and their rates are ludicrous.

(I'm from Moscow, by the way)