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Moscow in July

Hello fellow travellers! I am looking to go to Moscow in July and was wondering what you all have for recommendations and tips that you feel will be helpful. If you recommend any places to stay, airport experiences, rail experiences, or stories you would like to share, I would be more than happy to hear them! Thanks!

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I was in Moscow when it was still under iron fist of Andropov (under communism) so my tips would be little obsolete. But generally: Moscow is a huge city. Everything is built to make you feel insignificant. Some subway stations halls are like palaces. When I was there Moscow was very clean and a lot of greenery. We saw Lenin. He looked unreal, like made from paraffin, somewhat yellow. His mausoleum had church like atmosphere and I got feeling that he was their Jesus. It can be surprisingly hot in Moscow in July. It would be very helpful if you don't speak Russian at least to learn their alphabet, so you can read street names, subway stations names, etc. We are planning our trip to St. Petersburg, Moscow and river cruise from Moscow to Astrakhan for September so I am studying guide books, maps, Google and resuscitating my long forgotten Russian. I can share the website which I found very helpful:
I hope you will share your impressions and tips about Moscow when you come back.

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Visited Moscow in Sept. We stayed about 2 blocks from Red Square at the Assembleya Nikitskaya. Very, very satisfactory but not inexpensive. Are you also visiting St. Pete? We spent 3 nights in Mos and 7 in St. P. Hi-speed train to St. P was great. Moscow metro is something to behold and no problem navigating. We loved both cities but St. P gets the nod for our favorite. Any specific questions?