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Money in Czech Republic

Going to Prague for 3 days in August..Should we try and get Euro's and use them or do they still use Czech Crowns..Which is easier to use ? What is best in Bar's, restaurants and hotels?

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They use the Koruna with about 25.8 to the Euro.

The euro is accepted but you are not likely to get a good exchange rate. If it were me I would get a few koruna at an ATM (easy to find) for use in bars, taxi, etc. For restaurants and hotels use a credit card. Visa is probably most widely accepted.

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Why would they take Euros? It would be like me using British pounds in Canada. Hotels may take them, but they would charge you high exchange rates. Use the ATM and pull out what you figure you would be spending in the 3 days.

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We withdrew our crowns from local ATM machines and got pretty decent exchange rates. In touristy areas they accept Euros, Pounds and even Dollars but at very, very bad rates. The main, touristy parts of Prague are now as expensive as London and Paris. In 2003 a beer in a side street was 80 cents. Now it's €4! Coffee is similar...

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I was able get money out w/ out anny fee from Deutsche Bank with agreement from B of A.
Make sure to check your bank. I just got back last Tuesday.

Check myour bank and definitely get Czech crowns, not Euro's

Cheers and good pivo!!!!