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Money exchange

I will be traveling to Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Austria April 2011. Should I exchange for local currency before I travel?

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Take an ATM card with you plus some emergency cash. There are ATMs everywhere in Europe now. You'll get the best exchange rates from them. Be sure to notify your bank and Visa/Mastercard of your travel plans so they don't freeze your account from suspicion of fraud/theft.

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Have you read the article under: "Graffiti Wall - Money/Communications - ATMs: Min. Fees" yet? If not you should do so as it tells how one can save lots of money on exchanging and getting foreign currency.

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DO NOT EXCHANGE MONEY BEFORE TRAVEL...bring an ATM card and some good ole' USA bills (for an emergency). Make sure you call bank and tell them your travel plans so your cards work overseas. The only time I have the foreign currency with me before I go is any left over I did not blow from my previous trip, otherwise best way is atm as I go...