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Meteora Greece

Hi, I was thinking about heading up to Meteora from Athens. I read about taking the trains there. Is this an easy trip to do by yourself, ie: going to all the monasteries, or is it easier to just book a tour? Also, if anyone has been and could just give me their take on the experience that would be great! Thanks!

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It has been 3-4 years, but yes, it is do-able on your own. The train to Kalambaka is one of the few efficient trains in Greece, there is a train change at one station, but it gets you to Kalambaka in a few hours. Once there, Kalambaka is a good town to use for a base, plenty of places to stay, good restaurants. Depending on how many of the Monastaries you want to see and your budget, you can consider a local tour(If you want to hit a number of them or specific ones), otherwise, if you are somewhat fit, there is a bus that goes up to one of the monastaries at the end of a road (I'll try to find the info later) and then you can walk back down, hitting maybe four of them along the way.

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I was researching this using the lonely planet book - I suggest you go to your local library and get it. The information that the previous poster wrote is accurate. There is another town about 2 km closer to the monastery where you can also stay. From the guidebook it seems that this is easily doable on your own using the bus to get to the most distant monastery and walking back to the town.

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Me too! My friend and I are trying to go from Athens to Delphi and Meteora and back to Athens in the space of 3 days (or 4 if we have to), and are uncertain which is the best way to do it. Take the train to Kalambaka, see what we can, spend the night, see monasteries the next day, then make our way down to Delphi on the buses? Or do Delphi first and work our way up, taking the train back to Athens? I've looked in about 3 different guidebooks, and there do not seem to be any easy connections between Delphi and Kalambaka. Thanks for any advice.